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How to Become a Camper

Desirable Camper Qualities

The Southwest Alliance for Girls’ Enrichment in Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts / Humanities, and Mathematics (SAGE STEAM) Camp at SWOSU annually selects up to 50 middle school-aged students across the state of Oklahoma to attend this week-long summer camp.

Sage Steam Camper Photo

We are Looking for Middle School-aged Students Who

  • May not have opportunities such as this camp due to socioeconomic barriers, geographic location or other factors
  • Are passionate and motivated about learning and increasing their knowledge
  • Want to explore their interests in STEAM and potential career options
  • Have the potential to rise to the challenges of new experiences
  • May need extra boosts of encouragement and self-confidence to come out of their shells
  • Are capable of working collaboratively as team members and working successfully on independent tasks
  • Are motivated to complete what they start
  • Have a history of showing respect and appropriate levels of self-control

SAGE STEAM Camper with a test tube

Does the Camp Nominee have to be the Top Student?

Not necessarily. We are looking for campers who will grow from this experience and who will take advantage of the myriad opportunities this camp has to offer.

Does the Camp Nominee have to fit a Particular Mold?

Not necessarily. We are looking for campers who will grow from this experience and who will take advantage of the opportunities this camp has to offer. In honoring the different skills and personalities that campers bring to the experience, we are able to respect diversity, gain different perspectives, enhance creativity and enrich communication skills. The SAGE STEAM camp will also strive to serve those Oklahomans who may have limited opportunities and exposure to hands-on learning and programming -- whether this is due to financial reasons, living in rural areas and/or cultural barriers.

SAGE STEAM Campers painting

The one definite trait our campers have in common is the excitement of learning and curiosity. In turn, this camp offers many opportunities for the campers to discover who they are and who they want to become - academically, socially, professionally and personally.

Overall, the SAGE STEAM Camp hopes to improve the future of Oklahoma via encouraging more students to pursue advanced placement courses in high school, go on to college, pursue STEAM careers, become leaders in their field, and thus provide more diverse, innovative, and productive employees to Oklahoma businesses, organizations and state agencies.

Important Camp Costs and Dates

2023 Camp Dates
Feb 8 Students currently in the 7th grade are nominated by their middle school teachers/counselors/principal, by home school organizations, or by their Girl Scout or BSA Troop leader.
Note Two nominations per school or organization will be accepted.
Feb 15 Nominated students receive and fill out a camper application
Completed by the end of March Students who apply are interviewed to evaluate if this camp is the right fit for them.
Apr 19 Campers and alternates are notified of status
Apr 15 Students RSVP their availability to attend camp and pay $200 registration fee*
May 19 Online camp forms are due – these include health information, permission forms, and additional student and parent/guardian information.
Jun 11-17 Campers attend the week-long SAGE STEAM Camp on the SWOSU campus in Weatherford, OK.

group of sage-steam-campersThere is a $200 registration fee for selected students to reserve their spot for camp. Note that camp actually costs ~$1,100 per camper.  Based on financial need, parents/guardians may request a reduced registration fee or payment plan.  On average, approximately one out of three nominees are invited to attend camp – therefore, it is an honor to be selected. If nominees decide not to come, they should notify the camp director immediately so that other deserving Oklahomans can participate in this opportunity.