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*** Broken component *** Camp Director: Dr. Lisa Appeddu is an Associate Professor of Physiology in the  SWOSU College of Pharmacy. Lisa has been involved with camp planning as director since its original inception as Tech Trek in 2013 and  leads camp planning year-round.  During camp, she helps to keep camp going behind the scenes. She received the 2019 City of Weatherford Roots & Wings Award for the camp. Lisa is active in the American Association of University Women (AAUW), as a current member of the Weatherford branch and past state president. At SWOSU, she is Chair of the Pre-Medical Professions Advisory Committee and co-advisor for both APhA-ASP and Phi Delta Chi Professional Pharmacy (Co-Ed) Fraternity.  She also mentors student pharmacists in research and collaborates with fellow faculty and residents with data analysis. In her free time, Lisa volunteers at the Weatherford Food and Resource Center and Agape Free Health Clinic.  She also enjoys reading, indoor cycling, and walking with her sheltie dog “kid” and husband.

Growing up, Lisa wanted to be a veterinarian; she was also interested in teaching as a career because of her mom. Her experiences in undergraduate research with her advisor, Dr. Don Ely, motivated her to get her Ph.D., to have the best of both worlds - to teach and work with animals at the university level. Lisa earned a B.S. in Agriculture and M.S. in Animal Science from the University of Kentucky, and a  Ph.D. in Animal Science (Nutrition focus) from New Mexico State University. After finishing her dissertation while spending a year as a Congressional Science Fellow in Washington D.C., she found her way to Oklahoma and worked two years as a Research Animal Scientist at USDA-ARS-GRL in El Reno.  She got her chance to teach when a one-year, temporary job opened up in the SWOSU Department of Biological Sciences.  From there, she taught ten years in the SWOSU Health Sciences Department, one more year back in Biological Sciences, and found her current career in the SWOSU College of Pharmacy.  While she still loves animals, she enjoys teaching about how the body works and using data to support what we know.  There is always something new to learn!

Lisa counts her mom as the woman who inspired her to bring Tech Trek to SWOSU in 2013 -- this is because her mom believed in education and helping others.  Lisa’s mom ran the home while working full time as a science teacher; she went back to school later in life to earn her Master’s degree in library science to become a school librarian; she mentored promising but less fortunate students in her jobs; and created an Alpha Delta Kappa local scholarship for students to become educators.  She is the original reason Lisa wanted to make a difference to young people. Lisa is inspired today by the passion for learning, drive, and creativity of the other members of the SAGE STEAM Team.  She sees how the synergy of bringing people together from different backgrounds and different departments leads to great outcomes, such as the creation of the SAGE STEAM Camp in 2018 and Teacher’s Workshop in 2021.  Lisa enjoys the challenge of integrating the arts and humanities with STEM -- to her, it is a natural fit, but not always obvious to see.  As an example, she uses her skills of communication, visual demonstrations, displaying data, and hands-on experiences along with her knowledge of science and math every day in the classroom. Lisa believes STEAM is a vital part of becoming a successful professional.

To contact Lisa, email her at

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Fundraising Coordinator: Dr. Lori Gwyn is the Director of both the SWOSU Office of Sponsored Programs and SWOSU Student Success Center; she also worked in the SWOSU Department of Chemistry from 2012 to 2018, and she still holds the title Associate Professor of Biochemistry. Lori has been involved with camp planning since its original inception as Tech Trek in 2013, and she serves the vital role of securing camp funding. During camp, she co-teaches the DNA and Tie-Dye Goggles Workshops, and she organizes Enrichment Day for supporters and former campers (alumni).   Lori is a Biochemist by training, having earned her  B.S. in Chemistry-Professional  from SWOSU as well as her M.S. and Ph.D. in Chemistry with a Biochemistry emphasis from the University of Missouri St. Louis. 

When asked to reflect on why STEAM is important to support, she explained that she grew up with an artist for a father.  It’s very ironic that she became a chemist.  Some of her most vivid memories from middle school were from spending time in the clay studio at OU and learning about the different techniques to get the colors that were desired on a completed piece of pottery.  In order to make that happen, the art students had to know chemistry to get those desired effects.  When she was in 9th grade, Lori’s science teacher taught her class about the periodic table and how elegantly it described nature and how it works,  all from a very well-organized point of view.  That is what sealed the deal for Lori to become a Chemist.  While she doesn’t spend my time in the lab anymore, she uses what she’s learned from both art and chemistry to write persuasive arguments to encourage people to invest in worthwhile projects that provide opportunities for all students. You never know where your skill set will lead you.

Lori counts her  High School Science teacher, Ms. Ginger Coleman, as a woman who inspires her. In addition to her responsibilities at SWOSU and with camp, Lori is the Lt. Governor for Division 17 of Texas-Oklahoma Kiwanis; a Girl Scout Leader; a community leader; and mother of twins. In her spare time, her favorite hobby is Genealogy Research. 

To contact Lori, email her at

*** Broken component *** Camper & Family Coordinator:  Mrs. Adina Foust is the Administrative Assistant for the Dean in the SWOSU College of Pharmacy. Adina joined the camp team in 2015. In her camp role,  she gathers teacher nominations, student applications, and camp forms. She also communicates with camper families and helps host Enrichment Day. Adina holds a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Oklahoma. She started her adult life pursuing psychology and social work, and she worked as a social worker for 10 years. She had her third child at age 34, and at the time, she was working for adult protective services at DHS. She enjoyed social work but wanted a job that allowed more flexibility to be a mom. She found a job at SWOSU that fit her family’s needs, and it has been a blessing.

When asked why STEAM is important, Adina says, “Our world runs on STEAM. (Pun intended. HA! 😊) STEAM answers so many questions about how our world works and helps to improve the lives of everyone in one way or another.” She says, too, that women who pursue their goals/dreams in spite of adversity and haters inspire her, and she especially loves Kathrine Switzer’s story. Switzer was the first woman to run in and complete the Boston marathon as a numbered entrant 5 years before women were allowed to run the Boston Marathon officially. Adina’s favorite quote from Switzer is “Life is for participating, not for spectating.”

Outside of camp, Adina is very active with girls and boys in the Boy Scouts of America and has served as the Scoutmaster for a Boy Scouts of America (BSA) girl troop for the last few years and as assistant den leader for a cub scout Bear den. She keeps busy with her three children and their extracurricular activities, including a son who currently attends SWOSU. In her spare time, she  enjoys exercising, specifically running (she has run marathons), and she has been an active member at the YMCA for over 20 years.

To contact Adina, email her at

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Assessment Coordinator:  Mrs. Kristin Flaming is a faculty member in the Department of Psychological Science at Valdosta State University, and she serves as Key Personnel on the National Science Foundation grant: Passion-Driven Statistics. Kristin creates, administers, and analyzes on-line surveys for camp. She helps with the Oklahoma City field trip and Visitors’ Day, and she recruits professionals for STEAMentor Night. Kristin became involved with camp in 2014 while working in the Psychology department at SWOSU, and she still volunteers her time. Kristin got involved with camp as a professional at mentor night and was inspired by the impact the camp had on the girls, inspiring her to do her part in exposing and encouraging young women from Oklahoma to STEAM career paths. Kristin completed a B.A. in Psychology and M.A. in Experimental Psychology from the University of Central Oklahoma, and she is ABD(writing her dissertation) for her Ph.D. from Oklahoma State University. 

Kristin was born and raised in central Oklahoma and currently resides there with her husband, bonus daughter, and fur babies. Rodeo was a major part of her life until her mid-twenties. It taught her about hard work, sportsmanship, and chasing her dreams. Her hobbies include traveling, lounging in the pool, boating, golfing, and avid dice, card, & board game player.

To contact Kristin, email her at

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Financial Coordinator:  Mrs. Kathy O’Neal is an Instructor in the SWOSU Department of Mathematics.

Kathy is the “super shopper” for camp: she secures all supplies and food needed for the dorm, workshops, and activities. She helps to keep the budget balanced, and, to do so, works with the SWOSU Business Office and SWOSU Foundation. Kathy has been involved in camp since its beginning as Tech Trek in 2013 and its transition to SAGE STEAM. She got her B.S. in mathematics from Purdue University, in Lafayette, Indiana, and her M.Ed. in Math Education from SWOSU.  She has been teaching math at SWOSU since 2000.  While at Purdue, she was told by a professor “Women do not belong in Math.  You do not belong in Math.”  This is why she is involved in camp.  She hopes by coming to camp, these young women will be exposed to areas of STEAM that they had not thought about, they will expand their interests, and they will walk away with more confidence in themselves. 

 Growing up, Kathy lived in 8 different states and Okinawa as a child – finally settling in Terre Haute, Indiana, after her father retired from the Air Force.  Kathy and her husband, Steve, have lived in Weatherford since 1990. Besides math and her husband, Kathy’s other interests are her two grown sons, spending time with friends and family, reading, and enjoying nature.  She hopes to spend more time traveling – after camp!

To contact Kathy, email her at

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Science Liaison/Camper Selection Coordinator:  Dr. Regina McGrane is an Associate Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at SWOSU. This is Gina’s third year on the camp committee. She coordinates camper interviews and camper selection and helps plan science activities for the camp program. Additionally, she coordinates the STEAM browsing tables on Saturday morning. Gina teaches introductory biology and microbiology courses at SWOSU and works with undergraduate researchers to understand how microbes make plants sick. She is also a co-sponsor of the Biology Club and coordinates the Natural Science Education program at SWOSU. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from the University of Northern Iowa and a Ph.D. in Genetics from Iowa State University. 

Gina counts Frances Arnold, the 2018 recipient of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry and Barbara McClintock, the 1983 Nobel Laureate who discovered mobile genetic elements, as women who inspire her. In her spare time, she enjoys reading science fiction and fantasy books. Gina also likes to be outside with her three dogs and two cats and enjoys traveling with family. 

To contact Gina, email her at

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Arts & Humanities Liaison: Dr. Denise Landrum-Geyer (LG for short) is an English Professor in the SWOSU Department of Language & Literature and has been at SWOSU since 2010. LG has been involved with the camp as a workshop presenter for many years, and, in 2018, she became one of the arts and humanities liaisons on the SAGE STEAM Team.  LG helps with writing and editing tasks as they arise as well as thinking about the ways in which the A in STEAM can work with the other letters (STEM). LG has a double B.A. in English and French, an M.A. in English, and a graduate certificate in Women’s Studies, all from the University of Kentucky, as well as a Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Composition from Miami University of Ohio. She has long been interested in supporting girls and women in achieving their goals due to the number of strong women in her own life, including her mother, and the women she worked with in Girl Scouts as a young woman.

LG originally planned on becoming a criminal prosecutor and majored in English for that reason; she soon learned, however, that her passion was in the teaching of writing (thanks to her work with the Kentucky Governor’s School for the Arts program) instead. She has long enjoyed working with people in other fields, and the interconnectedness of all the STEAM fields is what draws her to this camp and its mission. At the root of STEAM is the importance of connecting, communicating, and helping other people; working across a variety of fields allows people to share their strengths and solve important problems in the world. LG is originally from Louisville, Kentucky, and the Kentucky Derby is her favorite holiday (yes, it IS a holiday). She is married with a school-aged son, and she loves to read, write creative nonfiction, watch movies with her family, and spend time outdoors.

To contact Denise, email her at

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Special Events Coordinator:  Dr. Sally Drinnon is the Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience Coordinator, Interprofessional Education (IPPE) Coordinator, and the Seminar Course Coordinator at the SWOSU College of Pharmacy. After serving as a STEAMentor for many years, Sally joined the STEAM Team to lead the goal-setting and reflection activities for campers.  She also coordinates the food for the Family Picnic during camp.  Sally earned a  B.S. in Pharmacy from SWOSU and is a registered pharmacist in the states of OK, TX, & FL.  She also serves as co-advisor of the Phi Delta Chi Fraternity (a co-ed pharmacy organization) with her husband and Dr. Lisa Appeddu.

Sally counts her sister, Anna Maloy, as a woman who has inspired her because her sister is a pharmacist who inspired Sally to pursue pharmacy as a career.  What’s more, Sally has only ever worked in pharmacy.  She started at 15 years old as a clerk in a local drug store, then became a technician, intern, and, finally, a pharmacist. Sally has two grown children with careers in the Arts & Humanities – one who is involved in camp (Jillian Drinnon).

To contact Sally, email her at

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Arts & Humanities Liaison:  Dr. Taylor Orgeron is an Assistant Professor of English in the Department of Language and Literature at SWOSU. She became an Arts & Humanities Liaison for camp in Fall 2019 and offers planning suggestions for arts and humanities camp programming as well as potential places for the camp planning team to share their work with others via conferences and publication opportunities. Taylor earned a B.A. in Humanities & Social Thought from Northwestern State University, Master of Humanities from the University of Dallas, and Ph.D. in English from Louisiana State University.

Growing up, playing video games was Taylor’s favorite pastime, especially when her younger brother would join in.  In college, Taylor originally majored in Computer Science with plans to be a video game developer. She switched her major to Humanities because she became interested in how video games could be used as an educational tool, and she wanted to learn more about the storytelling power of games. Taylor sees video games as the perfect embodiment of STEAM—it is a medium that combines stories, art, math, physics, engineering, and computer code to create a playable world. She has written and helped design a variety of video games for educational and entertainment purposes, and she still works as a freelance writer for indie game studios today, along with teaching first-year writing and writing for digital media to college students at SWOSU.

Taylor counts Janese Swanson as a woman who inspires her. Swanson is a software developer and inventor who co-developed the first of the Carmen Sandiego educational games and later founded Girl Tech, a company focused on making products to inspire young girls about the possibilities of technology. In her spare time, Taylor still enjoys playing video games, cooking, and hanging out with her dog, Teche.

To contact Taylor, email her at

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Graphic Designer: Ms. Jillian Drinnon is an English Education major with a minor in Spanish at SWOSU and  the designer for SAGE STEAM Camp. Jillian has worked with the camp since 2019, designing camp logos and serving  as a part of the arts and photography arm of the camp – she not only loves illustration and design, but she adores the strong message that camp provides to many bright and capable young people. Jillian says that one woman who has inspired her is the author, poet, and activist, Ms. Maya Angelou. Though dealt a less-than-preferable deck of cards in life, Angelou rose above her situation and stood resolutely in her beliefs whilst creating beautiful pieces of art. Jillian strives to mimic her wisdom and strength.

Beyond her work with the camp, Jillian is a full-time student who enjoys volunteering at the Weatherford Food & Resource Center. She is also active in SWOSU’s Sigma Tau Delta, also known as English Club.  She also serves as the illustrator, designer, and photographer for the Language and Literature Department at SWOSU as well as a writer for a newspaper in Oklahoma City.  Upon graduation, she hopes to teach middle school in a low-income city district.