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OK-WISE Conference

The following information was presented at the inaugural Oklahoma Women Impacting STEM and Entrepreneurship (OK-WISE) Conference on September 14, 2018, in Oklahoma City. The goal was to network with participants about opportunities to get involved, as well as to raise awareness about the Southwest Alliance for Girls’ Enrichment in Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics (SAGE STEAM) Camp at SWOSU.

Nominate a Camper

To attend camp, a nomination is required from a person who knows the student well. The SAGE STEAM Camp is looking for seventh-grade Oklahoma students who:

  • are passionate about learning and increasing their knowledge.
  • want to explore their interests in STEAM and potential career options.
  • may need extra boosts of encouragement and self-confidence.
  • have limited opportunities and exposure to hands-on learning and programs.
A bar graph illustrating the percentage of 2018 campers whose first time it was to be on a college campus (42 percent), to go to a camp (30%), to attend a STEM camp (100%), and to attend a camp with the Arts (98%).
Data collected from the 50 campers who attended the inaugural year of the SAGE STEAM Camp at SWOSU in 2018.
A map of Oklahoma which illustrates the distribution of counties across Oklahoma from which campers were from as shaded in purple, and the number of campers who came from that county is printed within its borders.  Counties and campers include: Beckham (1), Caddo (2), Canadian (6), Cherokee (2), Cotton (1), Craig (1), Custer (5), Dewey (1), Ellis (1), Garfield (3), Grady (1), Greer (1), Harper (1), Jackson (2), Jefferson (1), McCurtain (2), Okfuskee (2), Oklahoma (6), Okmulgee (2), Payne (1), Roger Mills (1), Rogers (1), Tillman (1), Tulsa (1), Washita (1), Woods (1), and Woodward (2).
Distribution by county of the fifty campers who attended the inaugural year of the SAGE STEAM Camp at SWOSU in 2018.

Sponsor an Event

Several special events occur during camp. By sponsoring these events, supporters help to enhance the quality of camp, and, in turn, they will receive recognition for their generosity.

Fund a Camper

Camper families only pay a $200 reservation fee, but the actual cost is $1,100 per camper. Based on financial need, parents/guardians may request a scholarship to cover the reservation fee. Sponsoring a special event, funding a camper, or contributing to the general fund removes financial barriers to enable any interested Oklahoma student to attend camp.

For the 2018 SAGE STEAM Camp at SWOSU,
monetary and in-kind donations supported:

Science of Flight Experience

A camper flies in the wind tunnel at iFly indoor skydiving experience.  She is assisted by an iFLY employeer.

Tablets and Supplies for Camp Activities

Campers use tablets as funded by supporters to enhance their learning experience at camp.

Awards & Graduation Program

A camp sponsor presents a camper with an award during the graduation ceremony.

Professional Etiquette Workshop

Three campers learn how the rules of dinner etiquette during the Professional Etiquette workshop.

Field Trip to Devon

A picture of all of the campers standing in a circle in the lobby of Devon Energy.

Spark an Interest

The 2018 SAGE STEAM campers experienced:

Water Ecology

A group of campers pose proudly in the creek with the water samples they collected from the creek.

Creating Apps

A camper works on creating an app of cat which will meow when she pets the screen of a tablet or phone.


Two campers work together to build a robot from scratch utilizing recycled materials.

Rx Calculations

A camper creates anti-itch gel by pouring a pink solution into a graduated cylinder.

Cultivate Growth

A unique goal off this camp is to promote personal and professional development. Collaborators from the Arts and Humanities help campers to understand how knowledge, skills, and abilities from the STEAM fields are connected.

The 2018 SAGE STEAM Camp at SWOSU integrated:


Three campers and a camp counselor participate are pictured n the recording booth of a radio station.

Critical Thinking

Two campers use the interactive STEM tables at the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum  to solve a problem.


A group of girls work together to design and paint their dorm banner, which represents the laboratory lemons.


Two campers hold up papers on which  they drew the Blair Cabin.

Be a STEAMentor

Campers need role models to aspire to be like, both in the present and the future.

The 2018 SAGE STEAM Camp at SWOSU mentors enabled:

Interactive Learning

A Devon Energy employee shares fossils and different types or rocks with a group of campers.

Career Networking

Small groups of campers interact with small groups of professional women at different tables at the STEAMentor event

Empowerment of Future Professionals

A SAGE STEAM workshop presenter assists three campers with a computer programming problem.

Be the Difference

2018 SAGE STEAM Camp at SWOSU Camper Quotes

“It made me feel better about being myself. No one here judged me and made fun of me for being quirky and liking art and technology.”

“It helped me decide what kind of job I might want in the future.”

“I feel like I now understand how much I can actually do as a woman and all the incredible things I can accomplish.”

“It made me feel like there actually were nerds out there like me… I met so many people that are similar to me. It made me feel like I can do anything I want and that I wasn't’t alone.”

2018 SAGE STEAM Camp at SWOSU STEAMentor Quotes

“I love any event that celebrates intersectional feminism and promotes education.”

“It is a great opportunity to promote my profession and seeing the girls excited to learn about different careers.”

“It is an incredible opportunity to spread the STEM message to young Oklahoma women.”

“…I find it quite rewarding… It allows the girls to explore different careers, some of which they may not have previously considered as an option.”

Photo of three SAGE STEAM Team presenters, the display from which the information for this web page was taken, and table at the OK WISE Conference.

The above information was presented by the Southwest Alliance for Girls’ Enrichment in Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics (SAGE STEAM) Team at Camp at SWOSU at the OK-WISE Conference on September 14, 2018, in Oklahoma City. Presenters included (left to right): Dr. Lisa Appeddu (Associate Professor, SWOSU Pharmacy), Mrs. Kristin Flaming (Key Personnel, National Science Foundation grant: Passion Driven Statistics), and Dr. Lori Gwyn (Director, SWOSU Office of Sponsored Programs).