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Department of Education

Why SWOSU is the Place for Education

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We provide the tools needed to obtain an Oklahoma teaching certificate.

At SWOSU, we are proud to train the next generation of educators as our colleagues! Our professors are all practicing educators with years of real-world, public school education experience. We truly believe there is no greater calling than that of teaching upcoming generations, and we are passionate about education. Come earn the role of "Life Changer" for someone in your future!

Candidates for a teaching degree must apply for admission to the program in the Department of Education Chair’s office. Normally, this is accomplished in the sophomore year concurrently with enrollment in Foundations of Education. A student is permitted to take professional education and methods courses only after being admitted to an education degree program. Transfer students may request a one-semester temporary permit to enroll in restricted courses provided they have at least a 2.50 overall grade point average, and plans are developed to document remaining requirements.

Degrees Offered

The SWOSU Department of Education is accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) and by the Office of Educational Quality and Accountability (OEQA). Accreditation is granted at the initial and advanced licensure level. This Accreditation status is effective between Spring 2021 and Fall 2027. The next site visit will take place in Spring 2027.

The Department of Education offers accredited programs for Initial Licensure in the following areas.

The SWOSU Department of Education offers accredited programs for Advanced Licensure in the following areas.

Bachelor of Science in Education (B.S.Ed.)

Successful candidates will be certified to teach in these areas of specialization which require specific developmental and pedagogical expertise to meet the needs of learners ranging from 4 to approximately 14 in Elementary areas, and up to 20 in Special Education settings. 

Bachelor of Arts in Education (B.A.Ed.) 

On the secondary school level, teachers can expect to work with students ranging from grades 6 to 12 and often ages from 12 to 20. 

Bachelor of Arts in Education (B.A.Ed.) 

Bachelor of Science in Education (B.S.Ed.) 

Bachelor of Music Education (B.M.Ed.) 

Education in the Arts is a vital component to a full, rich educational experience. These areas allow candidates to serve those areas with sound foundations and backgrounds to support teaching and learning in these areas. 

These areas within the arts, secondary education, administration, and support services all serve to build the capacity of educational professionals. These advanced degrees lead to increased pay, advancement and leadership opportunities.